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How Can I Get Better Reception With a TV Antenna?

October 7, 2011

All people have watched that old Television programs where people try to enhance a TV’s reception by means of placing aluminum foil around the antenna or perhaps dressing up in foil and dancing on the roof top, and even though this will likely perform it’s magic in shows — oftentimes with distressing results — improving your reception using a TV antenna is an easy matter. In some cases you have to really move the TV as well for the best reception, subject to where you live.

The initial suggestion is to move the antenna slowly. A lot of people, especially when they get irritated from bad TV reception, rotate the antenna rapidly until the visual looks clear. Or else, move the antenna a bit and wait around twenty to thirty seconds. It is because the transmission has to correctly configure with the antenna, and this will take up to a minute. If the image remains very poor, then cause a further small adjusting till the reception will start to clear up.

Aim the TV antenna within the direction of the broadcast tower. This can be a little hard if you fail to see the location where the tower is, on the other hand considering that the signals are unquestionably coming from the tower, it only appears sensible that pointing in that direction will certainly fix reception. In case you are undecided, make a call with the televison broadcasting station or go online to obtain the tower’s specific location.

On the contrary, those who are nearby the televison broadcasting tower, consequently this can create a signal overload, which happens through as horrible reception. In this instance, maneuver the antenna at a distance from the televison broadcasting tower. If this is not enough, then maneuver the TV on the other end of your house.

Elevate the television also, the TV antenna. Quite often you just want to shift the antenna to enhance reception, however it is sometimes essential that you move the television as well. If your home is at lowered elevations, then reception is often very poor. Taking the Television set upstairs may well greatly enhance signal quality.

Are there metal items, or things that radiate electrical energy, nearby the TV? In that case, take them out, as they simply can lead to interference. Also, obtaining a bent metal coat hanger and placing it on the edge of the TV antenna should increase the TV’s reception.

In cases where the TV antenna is old, check out the wires and connectors. Old antennas have a tendency of deteriorating or being loosely fitted, and pressing everything as one can certainly help to increase signal effectiveness. Even though purchasing a new antenna will certainly correct this issue, spending money is never great when you can actually take care of the antenna totally free.

Improving your TV reception through an antenna will not be hard, you just need to have a few uncomplicated tips, and very soon your reception is going to be really clear.

If you would like to find a local TV antenna installation, visit to find a local professional aerial installer.


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